UNEP and FAO kick off full-scale development of Strata

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UNEP and FAO kick off full-scale development of Strata

We are glad to announce that after a successful prototype in 2022, Strata has kickstarted full-scale development through a partnership between UNEP and FAO, with support from the EU. 

Strata will be developed as an independent portal in FAO’s EarthMap platform, an authoritative UN source for climate and environmental data. Strata will add peace and security dimensions, as well as a number of important analytical features, to EarthMap’s accessible visualisations of environmental trends. A first analytical feature that will be implemented for Strata in EarthMap is the Convergence of Evidence approach to be able to identify hotspots where a variety climate security factors, customisable to the user’s need, are converging in space and time. A new feature that will be developed is access to a catalog of nature-based solutions for peace and security, as inspiration on potential ways to deal with the environmental and climate security hotspots in conflict-sensitive ways.

In this new phase of work, Strata will first be developed at global scale.The open-source platform will then be specified for priority regions, supporting data-driven and timely analysis by field-based peace and security actors at regional scale.

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