Nature-based Solutions

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The Strata catalogue of Nature-based Solutions for Peace & Security aims to provide inspiration to decision-makers and programme managers when designing climate and environmental security interventions.

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What are Nature-based Solutions (NbS)?

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are actions taken to sustainably protect, manage and restore ecosystems, while at the same time providing benefits to human well-being and biodiversity. The NbS approach has seen uptake from governments, communities and organisations around the world as a holistic approach to reducing the impact of climate change, disasters, and environmental degradation. NbS cover a range of different approaches including targeted solutions for ecosystem-based adaptation, integrated management approaches, ecological restoration, integration of green and blue infrastructure, and protected area management.

Find out more about UNEP's work on Nature-based Solutions here.

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How can Nature-based Solutions contribute to Peace & Security?

The relationships between natural resources, conflict and peace are complex. Incorporating these linkages in programming is increasingly recognised as crucial for sustainable peacebuilding efforts, whether this is in terms of contributing to short-term stability or maintaining sustainable development in years to come.

Effective, sustainable management of natural resources is key to the peacebuilding process, helping to build resilience in infrastructure, livelihoods and food security in situations of environmental and climate stress. These actions can also reduce the drivers of conflicts over access to natural resources. NbS which work to remove environmental degradation as an underlying risk factor for disasters can help to minimize exposure and vulnerability to a range of hazards.