Academic paper published on Strata methodology

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Academic paper published on Strata methodology

Strata’s scientific methodology for mapping climate and environmental security hotspots has been published as an article in the Journal of Political Geography. The paper, which  is an important step for the Strata project, scientifically documents, grounds and validates the analytical approach of the data platform within the current scientific debate.

The article describes the process of co-developing the principles behind Strata, the data aggregation framework used, and the choice of datasets. Example outputs for Somalia, the location selected for the Strata prototype, demonstrate how data is aggregated to produce hotspot maps and how these provide information on where impacts relating to climate, environmental and security stresses should be investigated, at a range of spatial scales. 

The article reflects on challenges in co-designing Strata and pathways for continued development of the tool. It also highlights how user insights can be incorporated in this and similar tools, to ensure actionable data-driven insights within the context of available data and understanding of impact pathways.
The paper is available on the resource page as well as on the Political Geography journal website.

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