Strata prototype launched at Environmental Peacebuilding Conference

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Strata prototype launched at Environmental Peacebuilding Conference

The prototype of the Strata platform was formally launched on 1 February 2022. Scheduled at the opening of the Second International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding, the event brought together 50 practitioners, researchers and policymakers with a background in environmental and climate security. 

During the event, the Strata team showcased the Somalia pilot and guided participants to explore the platform for themselves, through hands-on training. The team also discussed development plans for the next two years, starting with the regional expansion of the platform to the Horn of Africa, as well as the planned addition of new indicators, such as climate projections.

Participants engaged in a lively discussion of Strata’s approach and features, commending the platform’s “diversity of indicators” and “high precision”. They also exchanged uncertainty and ethical considerations, emphasising the need for end-users to integrate and interpret Strata’s data-driven outputs with contextual, often qualitative, knowledge. The Strata guidebook provides helpful directions towards that end.

You can find the recording of the event below and on the conference’s youtube channel.

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